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Commercial Growth Strategy Services

You are a successful leader charged with growing your company. However, formulating and achieving growth are challenging subjects. Growth requires taking broad and pivotal decisions. To be able to do that, you need to know which market(s) to focus on, whom to target, where to allocate your various resources, and how to manage their performance.

If this is the case, let Maven Insights & Solutions assist you in making out of the box decisions. Every day, our seasoned consultants analyze total addressable markets, discover available revenue opportunities, assess entry barriers, and create roadmaps for multibillion-dollar companies.

Growth means going out of your comfort zone, and it always involves risk. See how we can make the unknown known for your organization.

Do you wonder which markets you can enter and to what extent you can penetrate?
Are you trying to assess the entry barriers to a new market accurately
Do you need to identify and mitigate your risks while entering a new market?

Then, our Market Entry Studies could help.

No two markets are the same. That’s why you cannot count solely on your experience in one market to guide you in another. The road to success goes through learning whats, wheres, and hows of the market you intend to enter.

Our Market Entry Studies consist of estimating the total addressable market size and understanding market dynamics. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B oriented organization, our specialists could pinpoint the keys to success, while identifying barriers to entry. We could also suggest strategic initiatives to overcome those challenges.

Our market entry experts conduct high-profile interviews with subject matter experts, collect on-the-ground market data, and gather competitive intelligence to help you succeed in new markets.

Our related services include:

Addressable Market Sizing
Market Landscape Analysis
Target Company Analysis
Market Entry Options Evaluation
Market Entry Plan Development

Do you need to create a compelling value proposition?
Are you asking yourself which customer segments to target?
Do you need a practical roadmap to commercial success?

Then, our Go-to-Market Strategy services are tailor-made for you.

You made serious investments to improve your product or service offerings. You studied the market and gathered competitive intelligence. Despite all of that, many companies in your position fall short in meeting their growth targets. What you need is an effective and efficient way to sell and provide services to your customers. Our experienced go-to-market strategists can help.

“Know yourself, and you will win all battles,” says Sun Tzu. Consequently, the bedrock of a successful go-to-market strategy is the proper assessment of an organization’s capacity and capabilities. In order to achieve that, we analyze your growth enablers such as cash flow, partnerships, and network as well as evaluate your commercial capabilities.

Then, we create a detailed and feasible plan that answers four questions: What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? How will you reach your target market? Where will you promote your products/services?

Finally, once your value proposition is set in stone, your channels are defined, and your forecasts are ready, we create a blueprint that clearly states the capabilities, tools, processes, and support that you need to achieve your goal.

Our related services include:

Customer Insights and Segmentation
Offer / Value Proposition Design
Financial Model / Business Case Development
Commercial Capability AssessmentMultichannel / Distribution Strategy Development
Marketing and Sales Strategy

Are you trying to align your resources and capabilities to implement a commercial initiative?
Do you need a more focused commercial implementation strategy in your current and new value propositions?
Do you want to formulate the best way to approach your customers?

Then, let our commercial architects help you succeed.

Whether you want to streamline your complex portfolio, investigate customer loss, or transform your commercial organization into a more effective model, our Commercial Architecture Design and Implementation services could help you achieve your goals.

All commercial organizations have something in common; to achieve success, they must rely on teamwork, cohesion, and synchronized effort. Executing commercial strategy often requires collaboration; it cannot be done alone. Unfortunately, many commercial initiatives fail to achieve desired success due to poor commercial organization design, inter-departmental misalignments and insufficient customer management.

Our experienced commercial architects provide a basis for transforming how your commercial structure communicates and collaborates to achieve its goals. We create a blueprint for a customer-driven organization, where all customer-facing units know how to collaborate. By doing so, we help you eliminate organizational redundancies while guiding you in optimizing your commercial capabilities.

Our related services include:

Service / Product Roadmap Development
Pricing Model Development
Sales Force Design
Customer Journey Design
Branding and Communication Strategy Design
Service / Product Lifecycle Management

Business Transformation Services

You have identified your corporate vision, planned your go-to-market strategy, and created a blueprint for success. Now, it is time to bring your strategy to life. However, does your organization have the necessary capabilities to drive meaningful business results?

Let Maven Insights & Solutions help you build the capabilities that add the most value to your company’s business performance. We identify, plan, and manage business-related change and help translate your strategies into operations. We also manage change within your organization and provide program management for your implementation projects. The result is excellent strategic execution.

“Vision without execution is a hallucination,” says Thomas Edison. Your strategy is as good as your execution. See how we can help you implement it flawlessly.

Are you looking to achieve breakthrough results?
Do you want to integrate your strategy with your operations?
Do you need a comprehensive management process to deliver superior value?

Then, our Strategy Translation services could help.

Implementation matters. The way you implement a significant change determines the success of your initiative. Granted, there is no such thing as perfect implementation. It is unavoidable to have “leakages” in value at various stages of the implementation process . That said, Maven Insights & Solutions’ experienced strategy translation specialists could help you run successful change efforts that deliver higher financial returns.

Our Strategy Translation services start with objective cascading, which is the process of communicating and assigning your corporate goals downwards through the organizational hierarchy. This invaluable process provides clients with a singular purpose and direction for the individual goals of all employees in the organization.

Next, we develop Anti-Gaming policies, which prevent independent goal-seeking departments from doing something detrimental to the rest of the organization. That process will help you create robust governance mechanisms.

Effective communication is the key to grabbing the attention of your employees. To get their attention, which is the key to changing behavior, we develop a communication plan supported by the theories of behavioral psychology.

Finally, we help you create an annual operating plan for the implementation of your strategies. Our trained facilitators will assist you in understanding your corporate objectives and guide you in planning how to achieve them.

Our related services include:

Objective Cascading / Building Strategy Maps
Anti-gaming Policy Development
Strategy Communication Planning and Execution
Annual Operating Plan Development

Do you need to set up and run your corporate performance management system?
Do you want to establish data-driven decision making across your organization?
Are you looking to elevate your current performance reporting practices?

Then, read more about our Corporate Performance Management Operations services.

To achieve success, you should have an operating plan, which you must execute in a flawless way. However, if you want your success to be sustainable, then you need to establish a set of accurate methodologies and processes. That’s where corporate performance management comes into play.

Through our Corporate Performance Management Operations services, we ensure that your strategies get properly executed. By developing and refining strategic objectives and KPIs and integrating organizational goals and metrics, we can help you focus on the vital drivers of your business.

Our first task is to analyze and review your financial, commercial, technical, and organizational needs and current status. We then develop or revise your objectives and related measures by keeping in view the competitive and global benchmarks. Next, we ensure that they are measured periodically and effectively, which empowers data-driven decision making.

Next, we define and set up your corporate performance management framework. We accomplish that by assigning specific KPIs to each business unit and corporate function. Each KPI is broken down into monthly, quarterly, and annual targets. Then, we develop the driver trees for the KPIs. By doing so, we set the basis for managerial analysis, enabling deviation and root cause analysis.

Once the performance management framework is in place, we start tracking and reporting the results. We develop and present a data-driven perspective of target achievement. Should corporate underachievement ever occur, we determine the root causes of the noted performance deviations and report our findings. If need be, we devise and track a recovery plan for noted shortcomings. By doing so, we raise timely alarms and escalate to senior management to ensure visibility.

Our related services include:

Corporate Performance Management Framework Design
Corporate Performance Management Capability Development
Corporate Performance Management Analytics
Performance Recovery Plan Development

Do you want to manage change in culture and employees during a major transformation effectively?
Are you trying to align your organization with your new operations and systems?
Do you need to build the required internal capabilities to manage change?

Then, let our change management specialists help you drive a more successful change.

If you want to introduce anything new in an organization successfully, you need to manage the introduction of change. Failure to do so will cause “leakages” in adaptation and efficiency. Years of hands-on experience have taught us that when you do proper change management, your project is more likely to meet objectives, be on schedule, and within budget. More importantly, it will be more effective.

Our Business Change Management services consist of an impact index assessment of your change and its impact on the organization. We also map out critical employees, managers, and change sponsors based on their role-based change readiness. We use those findings to measure future compliance.

Communication is a critical component of implementing change. We ensure effective change by developing a comprehensive communication plan which targets each of the different audiences impacted by the change. Our change management specialists will focus on what employees, managers, and change sponsors care about and what they need to know. As a result, we will develop the blueprint for delivering the right messages at the right time, in the right channel, and from the correct sender.

Finally, for our clients who do not have an organizational change management lead, we offer program management services. Our change management experts handle the responsibility of end-user buy-in, establishing awareness and desire for the transformation and overseeing training. The result is the on-time and on-budget delivery of your organizational change project.

Our related services include:

Business Change Impact Assessment
Business Change Plan Development
Business Change Plan Implementation

Do you have many projects to control?
Are your projects often behind schedule or over budget, and do they fail to meet objectives?
Do you need to develop a consistent methodology for project delivery?
Do you need to improve communication across projects?
Do you want to increase project quality and reduce project risks?

Then, our Program Management services could help you build a great project management structure.

As a company gets larger, the volume and the complexity of its projects increase. Eventually, the need arises for an effective governance structure. The Project Management Office (PMO) is the function which tracks all the processes, changes, conflicts, and risks. It also creates the necessary procedures for strategic initiatives to succeed.

At Maven Insights & Solutions, we have deep experience in setting up a PMO, allowing our clients to maintain an overview of their projects conclusively, know their company strategy and ensure that both go hand in hand.

When setting up a PMO, we first compile the project portfolio by classifying, prioritizing, and integrating projects based on the company strategy and available resources. We then measure the impact of each project, determining whether it achieved its stated objectives.

Our senior program managers also provide support for managing the projects’ lifecycle, which allows you and your team to navigate your projects as effectively as possible. It offers an all-encompassing and intersecting view of all projects, helping you decide which projects should be initiated, which ones should be retired, and which ones must be redesigned.

Finally, as a part of our Program Management services, we also help you organize recognition activities. We identify and celebrate successes on the project and use those celebrations and public acknowledgement to reinforce the progress.

Our related services include:

Program Management Office Design and Deployment
Business Impact Measurement
Project / Program Management

Commercial Excellence Services

For the first time in human history, consumers have so much power in their hands. As shoppers, we all have access to a tremendous amount of information. We have too many options from which to choose. We also demand a myriad of channels through which to engage with a brand. In sum, the rules of the game have changed… drastically!

Companies that grow faster than the market are the ones that know where to look for new customers, what to do to acquire them, which existing segments to prioritize, and how to keep those segments satisfied.

Every day, the experienced consultants of Maven Insights & Solutions help our clients to grow existing accounts and increase new business. We can help you excel at sales, make data-driven decisions in marketing, and build peerless customer loyalty. Let us show you the art of making a customer, not a sale.

Do you want to use data and analytics to boost your sales?
Are you looking for sales incentives to stimulate growth?
Would you like to shorten your lead-to-cash cycle?

Then, see how our Sales Excellence services can help your company.

No matter how devoted your sales professionals are to their job, it would be best if you had the right infrastructure, game plan, and incentives to transform them into high performers. At Maven Insights & Solutions we can help you scale and grow your sales capabilities.

Our approach to sales excellence begins with the assessment of your marketing, sales, product development, delivery, finance, and supply chain departments to outline your lead-to-cash cycle. We analyze how you manage leads, benchmark your performance against competition and industry norms, identify leakages, and recommend the necessary remedies.

Territory management is the next step in transforming your sales capabilities. We segment your customers and prospects so that your sales managers and reps can track sales, do better account planning, and improve sales prospecting strategies. We define success, eliminate overlaps, and ensure fair distribution for each sales rep. As a result, your sales force put its time and energy where it would have the most impact.

Then, we structure sales incentives to improve your bottom line, by using our proprietary Incentive Management Suite of Services. Thanks to the IMSS, we allow you to assess and fine-tune your existing sales incentive program or design and implement a new and agile one. By using the simulator of the IMSS, you can also evaluate the impact of your policies, determine their effectiveness, and demonstrate the relationship between performance, costs, and earnings. With IMSS, we also help you discover who would get rewarded and who would get penalized, estimate the impact of your decisions on your revenue, and evaluate budget excess, employee fairness, and motivation.

As the saying goes, a goal correctly set is halfway reached. Consequently, our final task is to set sales targets accurately. We analyze past performance, account value, rep performance, and foresight to set realistic and fair objectives.

Our related services include:

Lead-to-Cash Cycle Design/Improvement
Sizing and Territory Design
Incentive Management Suite of Services
Sales Target Setting

Are your customers becoming less receptive to your marketing communication?
Do you want to have access to real-time information on your target audience?
Do you want to retain, cross-sell and up-sell existing customers?

Then, let our Precision Marketing services help you gain enhanced customer insights, reduce churn, and experience increased revenues.

Studies show that it is five to ten times more expensive to find a new customer than to sell to an existing one. The stronger the bond between a customer and a brand, the more he or she expects from that company to meet his or her needs. That means you need to be more precise on how you market your products / services to your customers.

Through our Precision Marketing services, we first unearth insights by analyzing your data sources. We set up our proprietary InSight Finder analytic model, through which we capture real-time or near real-time consumer insights. By doing so, we help you empower your marketing department to distinguish the differences in behavior and interests instantly.

We then design campaigns based on the insights generated. Based on Behavioral Economics theories, we identify the right psychological and behavioral triggers. As a result, through our data-driven campaigns, we reduce the cognitive cost of establishing the desired behavior for the customer.

Finally, we help you execute your campaign by uplifting your campaign management capabilities. Should you require, Maven Insights & Solutions could provide a build-operate-transfer contract for your precision marketing needs.

Our related services include:

Marketing Analytics
Campaign Design (Incorporating Behavioral Economics)
Campaign Management Capability Development
Built-Operate-Transfer Precision Marketing Services

Do you want to create a competitive advantage by prioritizing your relations with customers?
Are you looking for ways to adopt the design thinking process to improve your products?
Do you need to link customer experience to business outcomes?

Then, our Customer Experience Management services could help.

Throughout history, successful companies have always known that they are in the “customer experience business.” After all, Henry Ford once said, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

In today’s business world, offering a high-quality product or service is necessary, yet not sufficient. It is delivering a superior customer experience that matters. That’s where the rubber meets the road. We are glad to state that our seasoned consultants have decades of experience in transforming customers into walking promoters.

Our approach to customer experience management begins with enabling you to understand how your customers perceive you by designing your Voice of Customer Program.

The next step is in-depth analysis of your customers. We use customer profiling techniques to design your customer experience strategy. We analyze the profile of your key segments then develop a customer persona deck. This deck allows a company-wide understanding of the demographic profile, behaviors, and pain points of the people they serve.

Next, we design a customer-centric journey. We identify the interactions that are the most critical and impactful. Then, we ensure that the organization has the necessary capability to tackle customers’ pain points, needs, and wants.

For a customer experience program to be impactful, its performance needs to be measured systematically. Consequently, Maven Insights & Solutions offers a variety of measurement tools. They all serve a common goal: Driving improvement.

Finally, we offer customer experience governance services. In this phase, we first help you align your organization to a customer-centric model. We identify the necessary cultural transformation initiatives to be implemented. We develop the essential tools to facilitate implementation. Then we implement the Maven Insights Governance Structure System, which helps companies build internal capabilities and rely less on third parties when it comes to execution.

Our related services include:

Voice of Customer Program Design
Customer Profiling and Persona Development
Customer Journey Design
Customer Experience Measurement
CEX Program Governance Model Design

Are you looking to build or optimize your loyalty programs?
Do you want to create a strong bond between customers and your brand?
Do you need to manage memberships and rewards effectively?

Then, our Loyalty Management specialists could help.

Companies around the globe are implementing more and more loyalty programs. A well-crafted loyalty program could boost your growth as well as your reputation. However, how should you structure your rewards program? What rewards should you offer? Whom should you reward? Loyalty Management specialists of Maven Insights & Solutions have all the answers for you.

Our Loyalty Management services start with developing a retention strategy. We examine your customer base, identify the at-risk clients, and conduct a root-cause analysis based on the nature of the risk. We evaluate the churn risk and determine the value at risk by taking into account the network effect.

Armed with your retention strategy, we create your loyalty program. Then, we identify the key segments to target, develop buyer personas, and create a customer-centric journey. We also map out the promises to be given to each segment and design a segment-specific loyalty program.

At Maven Insights & Solutions, we firmly believe that no loyalty program should be launched without customer validation. Consequently, we try out a sample of your existing customer base on the expectation of return in your application. Upon analyzing the rewards, messages, technology, and ROI, we develop a concept, around which we build a business case. Next, we determine multi-year program objectives for the confirmed loyalty program approach. The development of the execution model and program management options ensue.

The fourth phase of our Loyalty Management approach consists of developing and managing the partner ecosystem. We create the framework of the process while determining the resource, functional, and data requirements.

Finally, we help you execute your loyalty program. We identify the potential earn and burn partners for your application, develop the campaign by incorporating behavioral economics, brief your agency, evaluate the campaign results continuously, and offer improvement of campaign analytics. Should you require, Maven Insights & Solutions could provide a build-operate-transfer contract for your loyalty management needs.

Our related services include:

Retention Strategy Development
Loyalty Program Design
Loyalty Program Analytics
Partner Ecosystem Management
Built-Operate-Transfer Loyalty Management Services

People Analytics and Employee Experience Management Services

If you think talent is the most critical asset in your business, you are hardly alone. Many CEOs and HR executives around the world feel like you. However, when it comes to identifying, attracting, developing, and retaining talent, they strongly rely on their instincts and intuitions. In other words, in the age of data, they are not walking  the  talk.

At Maven Insights & Solutions, we apply advanced analytics techniques to create an employee-centric approach to talent management. By unlocking the power of objective data and in-depth analysis, we remove subjectivity from  HR  decisions.

If you want to pinpoint why employees leave, discover what drives higher performance, or hire and retain top talent more successfully, then read on to find out how our experts could help.

Are you seeking ways to predict talent-related problems before they happen?
Do you want to make smarter, more strategic, and more educated talent decisions?
Do you need to find better applicants, make smarter hiring decisions, and increase employee performance and retention?

Then, our People Analytics Strategy services are tailor-made for you.

Every day you make a myriad of decisions about your employees or workforce. However, how many of your decisions are supported by data? Today, the world’s most successful companies have a people analytics strategy that allows them to improve hiring and promotion, performance evaluation, job design, compensation, and collaboration.

Our experienced data scientists, who are also trained in industrial-organizational psychology, transform HR departments through data. First, we pinpoint your short and long-term talent-related challenges. Next, we analyze your business objectives so that your people analytics strategy and business strategy are aligned. We then identify your strategic HR capital decisions. We combine all our findings and suggestions to create your people analytics strategy.

The next step is the proper assessment of the health of your data. Often, organizations collect and store data across multiple systems, none of which are directly connected. Consequently, our data scientists create a central data warehouse integrating your different networks.

Upon eliminating silos, we create a detailed action plan to collect the required data to answer the following questions: Which departments are under-performing? Which roles or departments are most susceptible to flight? What value are we getting from training investments? Which teams are more collaborative or engaged than others? How can we determine which profiles are right for the job? What demographic segments will make better leaders or managers?

Finally, we define your human resources data strategy and align it to your business objectives. We develop human resources analytics processes, structure, and infrastructure. We help you build HR analytics skills and competencies to carry out analysis and draw insights to tell a meaning or story for informed decision making.

Our related services include:

People Analytics Strategy Development
Human Capital Data Health Check Assessment
Human Capital Data Quality Enhancement
Human Capital Data Strategy

Do you want to reduce the total workforce cost?
Do you want to increase your organizational efficiency without compromising the employee experience?
Are you looking for ways to work smarter, not harder?

Then, our People Analytics Execution services can help you create a data-driven workforce and employee engagement culture.

It is every organization's dream to cut down on HR management costs while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. Unfortunately, so many companies have managed to achieve that holy grail. However, did you know that a data-driven workforce optimization study would allow you to increase operational efficiency without compromising the employee experience? It turns out it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

Our approach to people analytics execution begins with workforce optimization. The first step is the identification of your primary workforce optimization drivers. After that, we conduct a root-cause analysis of your need to optimize your workforce. Then, we analyze the potential impact of your corporate strategy and regulatory requirements on the required workforce.

Next, we review your job descriptions, evaluating the qualifications and responsibilities of each position. We conduct time and motion studies to establish employee productivity standards. We then identify business requirements for the expected workload on needed roles. If deemed necessary, we recommend merging legacy or defunct positions. Finally, we calculate fair compensation for each post by comparing with market rates.

Upon determining your organizational design and compensation and benefit-related factors, we calculate the overhead costs for each position. By doing so, we identify the financial burden of each position’s economic impact on the company.

Then, we develop your workforce optimization model. Using this model, we provide right-sizing recommendations based on workload analysis while documenting the financial impact of our proposals.

Based on the workforce optimization results, we engage our analytical tools to be used for right talent acquisition. It includes acquisition channel optimization, in-depth analysis of applicants and identifying the right candidates to fulfill organizational gaps.

Acquiring the right talent is only half of talent management. Learning the capabilities to retain and to engage with employees properly are equally critical. To achieve that, our team builds the analytical model to provide both human capital engagement results and predictive tools to identify risk and improvement areas in order to define corrective actions.

Our related services include:

Workforce Optimization
Talent Acquisition Analytics
Employee Retention Management
Employee Engagement Analytics

Do you want to have happier, better engaged, and more efficient employees?
Are you seeking to transform employees’ attitudes toward the company?
Would you like to empower teams to make decisions?

Then, our Employee Experience Management services are what you are looking for.

Every year a significant number of companies embark on employee experience management projects. The ones that achieve their objectives, however, have something in common: they successfully translate their boardroom vision for a superior employee experience into action at the front line, which is a tall order.

Today’s successful employers reimagine every aspect of work. They deploy an employee-centric approach to understand the needs and desires of their talent pool. Also, they take a page from employee experience management’s book to pinpoint moments of truth and delight their employees at those touchpoints. In other words, more and more organizations are into employee experience management.

Our Employee Experience Management services start with developing your Voice of Employee program to understand how your employees perceive your company and their satisfaction level.

Next, it is essential to analyze the results of the Voice of Employee program to develop employee insights and segment them based on different behavioral aspects in order to target them with a more specific and customized approach.

The next step is employee profiling to design your employee experience strategy. We analyze the profile of your key personnel segments. Then, we develop an employee persona deck. This deck details the demographic profile, behaviors, and pain points of your workforce.

Next, we design an employee-centric journey. We identify the interactions that are the most critical and impactful. Then, we ensure that the organization has the necessary capability to tackle employees’ pain points, needs, and wants.

“What gets measured, gets improved”, says Peter Drucker. For that reason, we offer a variety of measurement tools for employee experience management. By measuring performance systematically, your company can drive improvement, ensuring the impact of your employee experience program.

Our related services include:

Voice of Employee Program Design
Employee Insights and Segmentation
Employee Journey Design