About Us

We are regional boutique management consulting firm headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Our management team has decades of combined expertise in developing capabilities for growing and retaining a loyal customer base. Since our inception, we have established a network of reputable clients and partners in the EMEA region. We have extensive experience working with and delivering value to large organizations operating in telecom, technology, government, banking, insurance, real estate development, retail, services, chemicals, e-commerce and transportation sectors.

Our Corporate Values



Be willing and ready

We are a team with a high entrepreneurial spirit. We put a premium on being resourceful and proactive. Each one of us is expected to contribute to business development, selling, and product development. In return, we reward those who initiate, lead, and manage new ideas that contribute to our sustainable success.



Be interested and concerned

We believe that a few caring individuals could change the fate of a project. We take pride in being at service and work hard to deliver the best possible results – every single time. We also know that people do not care how much we know until they know how much we care. Therefore, we make sure that all of our stakeholders – from clients, to colleagues, vendors, and business partners- feel that their needs, expectations and well-being are duly considered and taken care of.



Be logical and objective

Objectivity and logic constitute the core of our way of thinking. We believe that all sound judgments depend on the validity of reasoning. When evaluating an argument, we care not about the seniority of the person who said it, but the sheer logic behind the thinking. We ensure our professional advice is rooted in common sense and backed up by reliable references.



Be helpful and trusted

We value those who can work together toward a common vision. For us, teamwork begins by building trust. We help those in need of support. We collaborate, cooperate and help each other. Individual brilliance might save the day, but it is teamwork that wins a client over.



Be passionate and positive

We do what we love and love what we do. We spark a sense of joy, belonging, and confidence by regularly recognizing employees and celebrating wins big and small. Ultimately, our happiness stems from the joy of achievement and the thrill of making a difference.