About Us

We are regional boutique management consulting firm headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Our management team has decades of combined expertise in developing capabilities for growing and retaining a loyal customer base. Since our inception, we have established a network of reputable clients and partners in the EMEA region. We have extensive experience working with and delivering value to large organizations operating in telecom, technology, government, banking, insurance, real estate development, retail, services, chemicals, e-commerce and transportation sectors.


We operate and communicate based on the following core values:

Care and respect

We treat our clients, business partners, and our team members with the utmost attentiveness and politeness.

Results orientation:

We revel in challenges and always look for ways to overcome obstacles. We evaluate our success based on the objective value and results we provide.

Learning and self-sufficiency

We are a learning and a continuously-exploring organization. We expand our services and improve their quality to enhance further the effectiveness of the results we create.


While doing our best to add value to our clients, we also do it with great excitement and joy, and we share our clients' pleasure and happiness deriving from the results they receive.